Committed to Norfolk Businesses

From start-up businesses, small and medium enterprises, and on to global brands, the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce embraces and represents the County’s business community.

We provide networking opportunities, share knowledge, offer business services, signpost to business opportunities and inspire innovative thinking to enable companies to do better business.

Our voice is your voice, amplified through established connections, to ensure that politicians both local and in Westminster are focussed on creating and enhancing the conditions that are most conducive for economic growth in our region.

Committed to business since 1896

“In 2016 the Norfolk Chamber celebrates its 120th anniversary. We are thrilled to have hit such a milestone and in order to gain a better understanding of the Chamber we have been exploring the history of the organisation. In doing so we have unearthed a greater knowledge and understanding of the Chamber and the people who have made us who we are and what we stand for now and in the future.”
Caroline Williams, Chief Executive

To commemorate our 120 years we have launched these pages to share the research undertaken. Take a tour of our President’s Board from 1896; read a brief history of Norfolk’s key industry sectors; find out more about the 120th celebration events; and find information on our Chamber Community Fund raising money to improve the opportunities and career options open to young people across the county.

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