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We’re the leading process industry solution provider offering high quality instrumentation alongside exceptional customer service.


The business was created in 1998 out of a desire to offer effective application solutions for industry, an ethos that’s still at the heart of what we deliver to our customers every day.

With our extensive range of products and expertise, Process Instruments strives to provide the best application solutions that you require whilst also ensuring you are supported by our knowledge, understanding and proficiency.

Our experienced sales and customer care team make sure that all product sales are supported, be that through our own network of services and support engineers or from the original manufacturer.

Process Instruments not only supply your instrumentation but we will also expertly install, commission, calibrate and service the products whether initially sourced through us or already installed in your plant.

We’re proud to have access to a substantial number of stocks of instrumentation either held by us or by our manufacturing partners resulting in secure next day deliveries or fast track engineered solutions.

We have ISO 9001, Safe Contractor approval and Inst MC membership alongside all the correct insurances, risk assessments and method statements required for safe working conditions.

We represent key international and domestic suppliers such as Labom, Thermo Electra, Fox Thermal and Precision Digital, amongst other top rated suppliers. We are a fully qualified Technical Partner of Siemens Process Instrumentation division.

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