Helpful Hints On Measuring Your Kitchen

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To ensure that you get the best of our free in-store planning service, here’s a useful checklist of information that your sales consultants will need to plan your ideal kitchen.

The example shown below is an indication of how to draw you’re plan, but you needn’t worry about it being a work of art, just so long as the measurements are accurate!

Points to remember

1)  Make sure you are accurate with your measurements.

2) Measure the whole room, including door and window frames (see plan below).

3) Make a note of any height restrictions – like a low or sloping ceiling, the height between the window sill and the floor, for example.

4) Indicate on a sketch the location and measurement of the following where they apply, don’t worry if it’s not to scale, as long as the measurements are accurate: –

a. Mains water stop cock                                    b. Waste pipe / soil stack
c. Boiler / radiator                                                d. Electric cooker switch
e. Electric sockets and light switches               f. Gas supply point
g. Serving hatch

Plus any features not mentioned above!  It’s better to have too much information!

5) List height, width and depth of any appliances you wish to retain in your kitchen.


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