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Butterflies is a not for profit organisation which creates coming of age groups for girls aged 9 – 14yrs and mentoring opportunities for girls aged 12-16yrs old. Butterflies was established with the aim to provide comprehensive support for girls as they journey through the often challenging prepubescent and puberty years. Through a variety of mediums, Butterflies informs, supports and empowers young girls and their families.

Through the following, Butterflies aims to combat the many factors contributing to the statistical rise in young girls suffering from depression, anxiety, self harming, bullying, negative body image, unwanted teenage pregnancies and premature sexualisation.

From Stigma to Celebration

Butterflies celebrates the transition of Girl to Woman, in doing so, Butterflies aim is to eliminate the stigmas associated with female puberty and menstruation.

Empowerment and Self Development

The Butterflies programme has been developed to empower girls with knowledge about their own bodies, reproductive anatomy and the purpose and impact of hormones. Whilst on the programme girls will go on a journey of self exploration, develop their psychological and emotional resilience along with their capacity for self reflection.

Through the Mentoring Programmes, Butterflies provides valuable experience and personal development to teenagers which will prove advantageous to their further educational or career pursuits.

Relationships - an end to feelings of isolation

Butterflies wished to see the girls create long-term friendships and see positive role models amongst their peers and mentors. Butterflies will assist mothers/fathers/guardians in generating and sustaining a dialogue that will support their evolving relationship with their girls. Butterflies is a community and as such, ensures that girls do not believe they are alone on this journey.


Creating a female community that is diverse and accessible to all girls from all socio-economic backgrounds.

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