Andrea Wilson

  • Andrea Wilson Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
    Andrea Wilson Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
  • Andrea Wilson Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
    Andrea Wilson Norfolk Chambers of Commerce
Customer Experience Team

Andrea Wilson (AKA The Connector)

Norfolk Chambers sets out to connect, support and give voice to its members and the wider business community – what is your role in this mission?

I am the Co.nnector, my role is to make sure that businesses are getting the most from their membership, enabling them to connect with businesses they have a synergy with showing them new ways in which to engage and connect.

As The Co.nnector in the team, how can you help businesses?

Give me your wish list, who would you like to connect with, what goals have you got and how can I enable you to reach them.

Your special power is being small but with a big personality – how do you think this helps the Chamber Team and why is this important?

Haha! Well I’d hope that my big personality comes across as helpful, friendly, approachable and above all enthusiastic – as for the ‘being small’ it means that on “hug a tall person day”, I have the choice of everyone to hug, because everyone is taller than me (pre and post Covid of course!)

Your ‘Kryptonite’ is sweet treats, wine and holidays – what happens to you when faced with these?

When I have sweet treats it makes me happy, when I have wine it makes me chatty and when I have holidays it makes me relax so that when I come back I’m refreshed and ready for the next exciting instalment! 

Your motto ‘Always Look On The Bright Side’ – How has this mantra helped you? How can it help businesses?

I always try to find a positive in every situation because generally there is one, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time, we are amazing human beings and we are so resilient, with the right mind set you can achieve whatever you want.  So my mantra is always look for the positives in any situation and focus on those instead of the negatives, you will achieve so much more and it will make you feel so much better.


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