Are you a Big Thinker?

Caroline Williams, Chief Executive, Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

BIG THINKING empowers businesses with vision. It’s the attitude that drives smaller businesses to try out huge ideas, their refusal to accept lack of precedent tempered only by acknowledging that lessons can be learned from bigger players. Embracing the techniques and methods of sizeable companies into newer and smaller operations is key to BIG THINKING.

Equally, large organisations can learn from ‘the new kids on the block’, who can be inspirational to BIG THINKING big companies. Big or small, new or established, BIG THINKERS never set the default position; they always press the switch marked ‘power on’.

BIG THINKING is a concept enmeshed with the digital age. Now the smallest of start-ups can interact with the biggest of audiences, and the largest of corporations can target the narrowest of niches.

It takes BIG THINKING for a small business to use the new media to talk to the world. It takes seriously BIG THINKING for a big company to use the social media to talk to a single customer as an individual.

Companies of all sizes who embrace BIG THINKING know the dangers of simply ‘thinking big’. They know that for all the power of the internet you don’t build a brand or bolster the bottom line by simply putting up a website to say ‘look at us’. BIG THINKERS know that people buy from people; they network face to face, learn from research and then say ‘this is why you should buy from us’.

BIG THINKERS are people who never stop asking how, or why, or why not? They have the attitude that develops services and products that are right for now, and tomorrow.

And it’s about customers. BIG THINKING starts well before the sale, with a vision that’s then honed into a strategy. But it doesn’t end with the sale, because BIG THINKERS persist, with engagement, interactivity and service that retains customers and builds businesses.

If there is an ideal place to launch BIG THINKING it’s Norfolk. Birthplace of legendary brands like Colman’s, Start-Rite, Barclays and Aviva, all of the county’s commercial sectors pulse with innovation and excellence. Its BIG THINKERS have never been afraid to import the best of people and knowledge, and they have exported the best of products and services, sometimes having to overcome a cynicism about this county that others do not have to endure.

It’s the attitude that says we’ll do better business if we dare to innovate and develop our strategies creatively. We’ll do business better if we exchange ideas and realise that small and new businesses can inspire big and established ones, whilst in turn start-ups and tiny companies can learn from the experience of corporations.

Our Conference will have a stellar line up of speakers who exemplify the concept of BIG THINKING. You’ll hear how it’s worked for them. You’ll see how it can work for Norfolk’s businesses This is a Business Conference with Attitude.

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