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Jack Edwards, Membership Communications Co-ordinator, Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

Since its launch ten years ago, Twitter has gone from strength to strength. In recent years, businesses have begun to take advantage of the ever-growing social network to help their brand flourish.

However, one thing that has always been a major stumbling block is trying to fit full sales messages, news headlines and general content posts into Twitter’s 140 character limit.

Twitter have now made life slightly easier for those of us who utilise Twitter as a focal point of our marketing strategies. Back in May Twitter announced that users would be able to make the most of 140 character limit by excluding media such as images and videos from the character count – this is now a reality!

Before this update images used to count for around 24 characters.

Example: when providing a link to your website, and an image to attract some more attention, you would only be left with roughly 92 characters to actually write your ‘message’ – not really enough, is it?

I’ve always been taught to include an image/graphic/video in as many of my tweets as possible. This helps to maximise engagement – an image on a Twitter feed stands out much more than just text. Looking at a recent top trend below, you can see what I mean. The tweet with the image attached is far more prominent than those that consist of just text:

We hope that in the near future we will see URLs excluded from the character count as well. But for now, thank you Twitter!

If you would like some help or advice on using Twitter to its full potential, get in touch:

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