Your glass need never be half full

Caroline Williams, Chief Executive, Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

Those businesses who attend our free Sustainability 2012 conference at John Innes Norwich yesterday were treated to a rare opportunity to hear from a truly inspirational speaker with big ideas and a great presence. Gunter Pauli an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word really blew the audience away with his dynamism and pure business drive.

Gunter feels that it is not enough to protect our environment but to regenerate. His ideas relate to what he calls the ‘Blue Economy’ and he is looking to change the rules, encourage local entrepreneurship, create jobs and change the business model to achieve competitiveness. This is one of those occasions where you really needed to be there to get the full affect, trying to write this down just demonstrates to me the power of presentation.

Gunter’s thoughts and examples of his fantastic work are illustrated in his books about the Blue Economy and his children’s fables will be given to every primary school child in China and they have asked him to write 365 – one for each day of the year.

What I particularly liked right at the beginning of his talk was his scenario that although people talk about a glass being half full or half empty in his world it is always full –50% is water and 50% air! Now that is looking at the world in a positive light!

We did video the conference and took a number of photos which will be added  to our website shortly 

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