7 Social Media mistakes & how to avoid them!

  • 7 Social Media mistakes & how to avoid them!
Jack Edwards, Membership Communications Co-ordinator, Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

A spelling mistake isn’t going to kill your brand, but if you want to grow it online using Social Media there are a few things your business needs to avoid doing.

1 | Spamming – Quality over quantity

Throwing content out there willy-nilly is a common mistake for a lot of people. The idea of getting as much content in front of people’s faces can be a very damaging thing, especially on Facebook.

Facebook uses a number of algorithms to prioritise content on somebody’s timeline, one of which includes frequency of posts. So I would recommend posting no more than 5 times a day.

Twitter on the other hand is completely different, people seem to digest content much faster and content is sorted by ‘most recent’. I recommend anywhere from 5-20 posts on Twitter per day.

A little bit of planning never hurt anybody – spread your posts out throughout the day and use a number of different methods of sharing (video, images, etc).

2 | Ghostown

Another common problem almost stems from fear of my previous point. People tend to worry about ‘over-posting’ and end up leaving their Social Media platforms looking like a baron wasteland.

Don’t do this either! Get a decent plan in place, and stick to it. A content calendar can be a very useful tool when combatting both ‘spamming’ and ending up like a ‘ghostown’.

3 | Too much automation

Automating posts can be a wonderful thing (wow, what a perfect segue; why not check out my previous Blog on it), but using it too much can become damaging, and your content can begin to look robotic and people will tune out.

Use it, but only in moderation!

4 | Very little/no interaction

Interaction is a key element to bringing your brand to life. Talking to people and answering questions, either out in public or via private messages, can give your Social Media channels personality.

But be aware, ensure the ‘voice’ you use suits your brand.

5 | “I must be on every platform!”

A common misconception of Social Media is that your content must be everywhere, this is definitely not the case! You need to focus your content on platforms that your message suits.

For instance, there is no point in creating an Instagram page if a majority of your content is not image based.

Pick the platforms that suit your message!

6| Sharing only your own content

Yes, your content is fantastic – but other people’s content may be able to complement what you have to say. Share Blogs and news articles that relate to your topic/product!

7 | Not committing long term

Staying committed to Social Media can be tough. It can end up being a massive time consumer. With a lot of aspects of business going digital, Social Media is only going to become more pivotal.

Make sure it’s part of your long term plan. Invest in it wisely, and don’t forget about it and leave it to gather dust in your attic of ideas.


If you ever need support with Social Media or your overall digital strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Norfolk Chamber has a wealth of members who are great at pointing you in the right direction!

Jack Edwards
Membership Communications Co-ordinator

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