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  • Caroline Williams
Caroline Williams, Chief Executive, Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for supporting and believing in me to take care of this great organisation for 17 years.

When I took over the Norfolk Chamber in 2000 it was in a pretty rough state. No money, in fact deep in debt, a poor profile and no influence.  But what the Chamber has always had is a strong loyal membership. It is the members who are the Chamber and together we have done a pretty good job.

Norfolk Chamber is now an innovative, dynamic organisation with money in the bank, influence locally and in Westminster, and with a strong membership who are benefiting from great services. We have achieved many of our goals but as ever there is still a lot to do to secure an ongoing growing Norfolk economy.

The forthcoming election is a great time for the Norfolk business community to be heard.  I encourage you to support the Chamber to ensure that your opinions and needs are heard loud and clear over the next few weeks and beyond. You will be amazed at what we can achieve together so please do believe in what is possible!

So what about me? When I announced I was leaving over a year ago, my plan was to concentrate on my yoga teaching.  I still plan to continue to teach yoga but my passion for Norfolk and the business community is not yet spent.

I strongly believe that a good way to improve the image of Norfolk is through highlighting the innovative business leaders we have in Norfolk and the amazing companies they run. We are inclined to be rather understated but this is not helping our image, nor helping Norfolk’s young people to identify with the great role models we have here and to motivate them to succeed and stay in our great county.

For instance at a Norwich 4 Jobs steering group meeting last week we discussed the impact that the business community could have coaching/mentoring our vulnerable unemployed young people to help them regain their confidence which many of them have lost. This can be achieved by, challenging their thinking errors, incorrect assumptions and motivating them by showing what is possible. A challenge I feel I can help achieve.

As a qualified Executive Coach and Mentor and hard-nosed business person, I also believe that I can support Norfolk’s leaders to challenge their own thinking, assumptions and beliefs to reach their goals more quickly and to better understand how they can achieve their aims.

The Norfolk Chamber is in great shape and I would like to thank, through this article, my amazing Chamber team who have been such a support. I would also like to thank my Board for working so hard, and securing my successor who ……will be announced to you via email tomorrow!

So enough from me. Thank you again for believing in me and making this such an amazing experience.

Au Revoir! 

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