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Haze Carver, Norfolk Chambers of Commerce

The Norfolk Chambers of Commerce team are really proud of the connections we have with Great Yarmouth, and as part of the membership team I really look forward to our monthly Coastal Connect events. Held at Great Yarmouth Town hall, it is the perfect venue to meet with local businesses and members, and of course non-members who are very welcome to come along and network.
Networking and connections are key during difficult times and having access to help, support and advice from peers is fundamental in looking forward and moving on to stronger economic times.
In collaboration with Great Yarmouth Borough Council, this week we launched our first virtual Coastal Connect. We were joined by Victoria Mallender, in her new post as Economic Growth Manager for the council. Victoria explained that almost £20m in funding had already been given out and that they were trying to get hold of another 1200 businesses that are eligible, but still haven’t claimed for funding. If you think you may be one of those businesses, please do get in touch with her here.
From a mix of home offices, spare rooms and kitchens we had a really positive morning from a wide range of sectors and professions. In true Norfolk style there was such a supportive group -  advice, suggestions and probably most importantly, there was time to be listened to.
The supportive stream continued in the live chat during each introduction with tips and suggestions being freely offered. What we are learning from lockdown is that it goes to show is that whilst it isn’t easy to gauge your audience’s responses with the mute buttons on, you can absolutely have a positive atmosphere and group with zoom! I want to thank everyone who attended and spent their morning with us!
Connections are vital in navigating these fast changing times, and who understands better than your peers who are also facing similar challenges. Please do join us for our next virtual Coastal Connect as we will be holding them fortnightly.

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