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Running any business is tough, running a small one, in a competitive market, is really tough. To succeed you need to be in the right place - physically and mentally. 

Norfolk Chambers member Mark Flowers knows all about that because he runs a small business, in a competitive market - and it’s all about physical and mental health.

Motiv8 Exercise and Fitness Ltd is family run and that, Mark says, has real positives. ‘It makes us stand out from the big gym chains, and it means that we know all our members and their goals’. 

Mark sees his company’s role as helping people on their fitness journey, and believes firm-ly that the extra level of attention they deliver, as a small business, makes Motiv8 a better bet than some of his bigger competitors.

Mark is very clear about his mission. It’s ‘to educate about the importance of health, fitness and nutrition’ is how he sees it. He especially wants to highlight the importance of mental health. 

‘I believe we offer something completely different, we are more functional fitness based’ he says. But he’s more than aware of the challenges.  He freely admits that  ‘Living in a small town with lots of other gyms in the area was never going to be easy’. Which is why he can identify with the stresses and strains faced by the owners of other small to medium size businesses. ‘It’s demanding’ he says. ‘You work long hours and, no matter how positive you are, you worry’. Stressing about finances, sorting out taxation issues, keeping all the admin up to date - they all take their toll on a business owner’s well being.

‘Exercising doesn’t only leave you with a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. Exercising has a positive impact on depression, anxiety, stress and more. 

In today’s commercial environment good physical and mental health are essentials. 

“I see it like this’, says Mark, ‘you, as a person, have to be like your business. Fit for pur-pose. We believe with motivation and education we can help people get fit and run their businesses with real purpose".

This article was recently featured in the Lynn News as our Chambers Column.

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