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Many people would be forgiven for thinking that HR’s role was only concerned with ensuring administrative processes work smoothly and employee relation issues are managed appropriately.  All in accordance with complex and continually changing employment legislative requirements.

HR’s role however, is ultimately focussed upon the on-going development of the organisation to support the delivery of the business plan. The most successful organisations recognise the importance of progressive people practices that touch all aspects of their operation. An HR professional’s role is therefore a varied one operating at both a strategic and operational level. The three most important stakeholders of the HR function are usually senior managers, line managers and employees.

Establishing and implementing an HR strategy centred upon the employee is essential to their engagement and productivity level. By building two-way relationships with their employees, organisations can truly listen and understand what motivates them. By strategically planning how an organisation will meet its current and future people needs and aligning this with individual employee development plans, is critical for organisational success, productivity and the career and engagement level of the employee. To help achieve this, HR’s role to coach and mentor line managers has never been more important, helping them to improve their leadership and softer management skills – which are often the hardest to develop.

It has also never been more important for HR professionals to provide challenges to senior managers. Particularly in relation to the values and culture of the workplace – a key driver of employee engagement.  Effective company values will always trump company strategy. Putting people practices in place, that encourage internal behaviours that mirror your organisation’s external behaviours, is critical to creating an effective employer brand and ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve.

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