From kitchen table to international markets. Captain Fawcett - we salute you.

2020 will be Captain Fawcett Ltd’s 10th anniversary. ‘Moving from the kitchen table to international markets has been an extraordinary journey’ says founder Richie Finney.

Based on the Hardwick Narrows in King’s Lynn, and a West Norfolk Chambers member,  Captain Fawcett is both a supplier and manufacturer of simply ‘First Class Gentlemen’s Grooming Requisites’. As the Captain’s alter ego, Richie admits that he didn’t initially set out to found a leading men’s grooming brand when he started making his own moustache wax on the kitchen stove at his home in Terrington St Clement.

Once the ball was rolling though the business model developed organically. It was, says Richie, ‘about balancing risk, opportunity and collaboration while staying absolutely true to the integrity of the brand’s figurehead, Captain Fawcett himself’. He adds that the Captain has always been grateful for the support of both the DIT and Chambers of Commerce.

 A couple of years ago things began to plateau. Being in the middle ground position the company was unable to take advantage of the discounts that come with purchasing larger quantities. So other measures were necessary to increase sales and profitability. 

The Captain is a talented strategist. Measures were taken.

‘The first action was to find distribution partners who were willing to get behind the brand and support its growth with the existing pricing; secondly Captain Fawcett began to enable more cost-effective purchasing and the locking in of reliable suppliers, a process which is ongoing’.

 The Captain has outstanding powers of delegation and his next step was to send Richie on a journey to some 19 countries seeking new distributors and strengthening relationships with Captain Fawcett’s valued customer base. These travels were in part supported by assistance received from the Department of International Trade in a bid to further the growth of export markets. 

 Investment secured in 2018 has enabled the development of 24 new products being launch in 2019 and 2020.

A sound strategy and a firm commitment have resulted in Captain Fawcett being on gentleman’s lips worldwide. Hundreds of loyal customers, barbers and retailers  - including Harvey Nichols and Selfridges - tag him in their social media posts each and every week.

 Captain. We salute you.

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This article can also be found in Friday's 27 September, 2019 Lynn News.

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