The Abused - Channel 5 documentary

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The Abused – Channel 5 Documentary

Norfolk Constabulary have taken part in a CH 5 documentary featured tonight called ‘The Abused’. This follows two women in Norfolk Hazel and Kelly, who are brutally attacked by their partners in the same week. We are shown Kelly, who is a young mum as she tries to rebuild her life with her children away from her partner, who continues to harass her and threaten her. Both women share their struggles on how they have dealt with the fear and control they are subjected to.

For many of us this will hit home. Locally, we have seen a heavy decline in solicitors who are trained and can provide assistance to victims of domestic abuse. This is due to government cuts in legal aid and the bureaucracy involved in being able to even provide the service via the legal aid board. As a specialist solicitor in domestic abuse I volunteer at a charity providing free legal advice to victims and alongside the police and charities such as ‘Leeway’ we try to assist victims in breaking free of abuse. Rogers and Norton also provides affordable legal advice with payment plan options to ensure money doesn’t prevent a victim from seeking help when they most need it.

Whilst the police are the first port of call when abuse takes place having a system which is broken due to victims access to legal advice being unavailable simply means that many victims are left vulnerable and steps which could prevent longer term abuse to them or their children are left untaken. In the longer term this has consequences for the psychological wellbeing and safety of victims and children are left exposed to parents who could cause them harm.

I will be watching with interest to see how these two women are dealt with by Norfolk Constabulary and how the justice system treats them. Further comment to follow.



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