Attleborough Office becomes Dementia friendly

Graham Roberts, Rogers & Norton

Rogers & Norton are continuing the process of becoming a Dementia Friendly organisation, with staff at our Attleborough office taking part in in a presentation from Mark Johnstone, the Community Relations Manager at Home Instead Senior Care.


The aim is for staff and Directors to gain a clearer understanding of how Dementia can impact on people, their families and the people they come into contact with on a daily basis. Mark gave a really helpful overview on how we can simply adapt both our premises and documentation, to meet the needs of our more vulnerable clients.

The meeting proved extremely helpful in highlighting the need to raise awareness of the legal consequences of the illness. The need for having both a Will and a Lasting Power of Attorney in place allows the continued control of property and possessions and also maintains choice on how they are dealt with – this in turn gives the reassurance of knowing that any wishes will be respected if decision making becomes difficult in the future.

With an aging population, the volume of people having to live with dementia in its varying forms, is increasing. As one in fourteen people over the age of sixty five are now living with one of the various types of the illness, we believe that it is important that staff understand what impact the illness can have on people involved.

Many of our departments are dealing with clients with the varying types of dementia on a day to day basis, so having an expert like Mark, who is able to explain the underlying issues proved very useful.

It’s an unfortunate fact that we often encounter clients who have failed to take any of the necessary steps to ensure that they and their families are able to maintain control of their decision making should they lose capacity – this means that legal and financial transactions can become complicated and expensive. It’s really important to review the need for Lasting Power of Attorney or a Will on a regular basis.


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