Docky #4 - The Feed - The power of our Norfolk community, together

Layla Panam, BuxtonThreeTwo

The Feed is a social enterprise based in Norwich whose purpose is to motivate change to prevent poverty, hunger, and homelessness.


They do this by helping people return to employment after many years out of the workplace for reasons which can include health problems, addiction, and homelessness.


In this edition of Docky, hosted by BuxtonThreeTwo and Proudly Norfolk Food and Drink, we will be speaking to Chris Elliott of The Feed.


We’ll hear more on existing initiatives such as;

- Their cafe and catering business

- The one-to-one and group support sessions

- Community Fridge launched in 2020

- How they’re adapting again in 2021


And what opportunities there are for you to be involved in helping The Feed on their journey including making their dream of having a Food Truck a reality.


Join us to find out more about how together, we can tackle poverty, hunger, and homelessness.

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