Favourite Fabrics and New Blind Designs From Norwich Sunblinds

Norwich Sunblinds

This season, we have some beautiful fabrics in store at Norwich Sunblinds. Favourite fabrics include canvas and linen textured finishes from the iLiv range, which make any room look warm and plush.

The Clarke and Clarke Richmond range of embroidered materials also look absolutely stunning up at the window and are particularly good for living rooms and dining rooms. The Voyage range even includes threads in silvers, golds and beads. Neutral colours are also popular at the moment.

These fabrics all make perfect curtains or roman blinds.

If you are looking for sun control or privacy take a look at the innovative Vision blinds.

These blinds are unique in that they have two layers of material. One is a mesh and one is a solid material. You can control the blind so that you still see out, but it's also giving you privacy or you can have it completely blocked in.  Add in the choice to pull the blind completely up or completely down and you have lots of options for sun control.

There is a lovely range of fabrics to choose from. These stylish fabrics gently filter and soften daylight, which means that you control the light while maintaining the view.

Blackout blinds are also popular at the moment, and are particularly good for children’s bedrooms.  

The range of fabrics is fantastic - plains, patterns, textures, lovely children’s designs and we also have a wide range of adult designs such as chenilles and shot silks, for that luxurious boutique hotel effect.

You can even choose a motorised option for your blind.

If you're interested in blinds or curtains, why not pop in to see us at our shop in St Benedicts Street, or we'll bring the blinds and samples along to you so that you can match them to your room and make sure that you have the perfect fit.

Call us on 01603 615945

Visit the website to book an appointment online: www.norwichsunblinds.co.uk

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