HMRC Border Force Restoration

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Our client has traded in the Import & Export business since 2013, sourcing the majority of goods from China.

A container of goods the company was importing was inspected by HMRC Border Force and found, in their opinion, to be incorrectly declared. The goods had been declared as handbags, but HMRC (Border Force) considered the goods were suitcases, which were liable for a higher duty rate.
Our client made its own request for restoration of the goods which was declined by HMRC, leaving them still liable for the sum of 18,900 USD to the supplier and a significant loss of profit in respect of all the goods.

We were approached to help restore the goods, as the failure to get them back would cause significant impact on the company’s profitability, leading to insolvency.

HMRC have a general policy not to restore goods if they have been mis-declared but accepted our submissions including the seizure and refusal to restore was disproportionate.

After a Review, our client is delighted that HMRC Border Force have agreed to return the goods to our client subject to a restoration fee.

We were approached to deal with this case due to the team’s detailed knowledge of the procedures and systems of HMRC Border Force. We understand what a huge impact the loss of valuable goods can have on a company and how important it is act quickly and decisively to support the client at a time of heightened stress and anxiety.

If you help and advice or are experiencing issues with HMRC and Border Force please contact the team at or on 01603 675639.




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