Hotdesking in Great Yarmouth

Rain Crowson, Naked Element

On the 31st January, Naked Element had a meeting with a potential client in Great Yarmouth. The meeting was booked in for mid-morning and we didn’t want to lose any working time travelling there and back… so we decided to make a day of it and see what it’s like to do some hot desking by the Coast.

After some googling, we booked into Fastolff House on Regent Street, for £20 per person for the whole day, an extremely good price.

To our surprise we had a considerable size room, with a projector and screen, access to computers if needed and speedy internet. Toilet and kitchen facilities were nearby, with a good choice of refreshments. Manager Michael was extremely helpful too.

Oh, and of course we would turn up an hour before the Centre opened and had to call to be let in.. Paul Grenyer and his early starts.

I’m pleased to say we enjoyed our day out of the office, and will again return to Fastolff House, Great Yarmouth Business Centre if we are in the area again.

Words by Rain

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