How do I clean my granite worktop?

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Stephen Yaxley,Surface Repair Solutions

How do I clean my granite worktop?

... is something I'm often asked,there's no need to use harsh cleaning chemicals,with this recipe you can keep your granite, marble or quartz worktop looking at its best.

Take a small spray bottle and add 1 part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts water until it is about a third full,add a splash of washing up liquid and some essential oils(optional)

Test on a small unseen area first to check it's ok.

Next throughly mix the solution and spray a little onto the surface until a light mist is present,leave for a minute or so then wipe off with a micro fibre cloth.

So there you have it a shiny surface, and no more sticky finger marks!!

For any damage such as chips or cracks to granite,marble,quartz or corian worktops get in touch with Surface Repair Solutions we cover all of Norfolk and North Suffolk

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