Litigation Team Success for Irish Company against UK Border Force

Peter Hastings, Rogers and Norton


The Rogers & Norton HMRC and UK Border Force Litigation team were delighted to help with the restoration of goods worth more than one hundred thousand pounds for a company exporting goods via the UK to Eastern Europe.

The items were seized shortly after Christmas and created significant consequences for the company at a challenging time of year to find a solution to the problems they had with HMRC. The goods were destined for companies in Eastern Europe and unless restored, meant that our client would be in breach of contract should it not fulfil the order, with a risk to the company’s future We secured the restoration on making a detailed submission at Review.

Our specialist team that deal with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) claims, in particular relating to the detention of goods, seizure of goods, understood the need to react quickly to get the goods restored, as the effect on cash flow together with the potential impact on jobs, would be problematic for any company.

We are currently pursuing a claim for damages for the unlawful seizure of goods, with the damages exceeding £1,000,000 and also challenging numerous seizures, assessments of Duty and VAT and requests for security payments. We have a wide experience in dealing with detentions, stoppages and the seizure of goods by UK Border Force.

The team deals with the worldwide importation of goods to the UK, including the huge market from China, Europe, America and Mexico. We work with clients who want goods restored at all major ports of entry, such as Felixstowe and London Gateway, together with Stansted, Gatwick & Heathrow.

We are experienced in Magistrates Court proceedings; First Tier Tax Tribunal; Court of Appeal; European Convention on Human Rights; Administrative Court and Injunctions and can assist with Tax, Coding and Duty and Vat claims and issues.

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