More help for the rural economy

Richard Etheridge, Rogers and Norton


The lack of superfast broadband in rural areas has been reported widely on TV and in the press of late. Many local businesses and families are unable to access the internet at the speeds needed to either run their companies or access music and films.

I was delighted therefore to be able to work with Steve Temple, Director of the successful Norfolk based telecoms company InTouch Systems, when they purchased WiSpire from Archant and the Diocese of Norwich.

InTouch are currently working with South Norfolk Council to target rural ‘not spots’ where other broadband providers do not serve. The purchase of the church network, which at the moment has 47 connections, will add to their existing system ranged across the county and North Suffolk, helping to overcome the dearth of decent connectivity in some rural areas.

Whilst we are based in Norwich and Attleborough and are fortunate enough to have access to good quality superfast broadband, many of the companies we act for are based in rural business parks and struggle to get any quality connection. InTouches continued expansion will significantly help support the rural economy as good quality, fast broadband is critical for a successful business of any size.

The commercial and business law team continue to be instructed on a wide range of matters from small start-up’s to multi-million pound corporations. We pride ourselves on having a wide experience of differing issues and the legal and commercial pressures faced by all businesses.


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