Norfolk Domestic Abuse Project

Kerry Rowell, Rogers and Norton

Norfolk Community Law Service recently undertook a research project regarding the availability of legal aid for domestic abuse victims in Norfolk. The results made concerning reading, with 83% of those surveyed believing the means testing limit was at the very least unfair, meaning access to legal representation across Norfolk was denied to many.

There has also been a 54% reduction in law firms providing legal aid for domestic abuse victims, meaning a large number of solicitors are actually turning people away.

Organisations such as NCLS and local charity Leeway, offer support and advice to domestic abuse victims in Norfolk free of charge. As an accredited specialist in domestic abuse, I am able to help by volunteering at NCLS, they in turn work closely with Leeway.

Domestic abuse goes beyond violent behaviour and physical abuse. It also includes any type of sexual, psychological and financial abuse and is about a range of coercive and controlling behaviours.

Domestic abuse can happen in any relationship – regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or social class or income.

Rogers & Norton offers the chance to discuss any issues and to get advice from a solicitor for a fixed fee of £75.00, giving people the chance to access some support.

Anyone who then instructs us to obtain an injunction will receive preferential treatment in relation to any fees that we charge in the future, so that they can get help with divorce, financial matters and disputes involving children.
If you are the victim of domestic abuse we can assist you with both practical and legal advice to protect yourself. You may need to obtain a Non-molestation order to prevent such abuse or an Occupation Order to remove your partner from the property in which you live. We can advise on and make these applications on your behalf.


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