Planning for the future

Laura Rumsey, Rogers and Norton


A recent report published by Solicitors for the Elderly warns that around 12 million Britons are at high risk of future incapacity and have yet to plan ahead by appointing a Lasting Power of Attorney.

With the problems and issues that could occur with an aging population – as a result of the widely reported future Dementia crisis, the need to make provisions for later life by writing a Will or creating a Lasting Power of Attorney is paramount.

The report highlights that 12.8 million people over the age of 65 run the risk of developing dementia, yet there are only 928,000 LPAs currently registered. By 2025 around 13.2 million people will be at risk but only 2.2 million LPAs are expected to be in place.

More than one third of people admit to not having made any provisions for later life, such as writing a will or creating an LPA.

As a Dementia Friendly organisation we are acutely aware of the problems and difficulties faced by those living with Dementia. We regularly help and support families and carers trying to organise both financial and health and wellbeing issues when they have no means in place to do so, thus causing unnecessary stress and anxiety for all concerned.

Far too few of us are planning ahead for our health and care needs and wishes, by not doing so we are leaving the future to chance. Planning ahead by talking to family or friends is crucial and shouldn’t be seen as negative or insensitive, it’s about having positive conversations about welfare and encouraging your loved ones to make the decision-making process easier for everyone.

If you need help or advice on planning for the future, or you want to discuss problems that have arisen through the lack of planning, you can contact our knowledgeable and experienced team at

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