Stamp Duty holiday and Team’s Reputation leads to Pre-Easter Boom in Conveyancing

Steve Clarke, Rogers and Norton

Our Property and Conveyancing Team have seen an ever increasing of new instructions for the sale and purchase of properties, and from developers.


ince the Government announced the reopening of the housing market back in mid-May 2020, our Residential Property team at Rogers and Norton have received a dramatic and record increase in instructions. Our large and talented team adapted remarkably well to the lockdown restrictions and with Easter upon us, have worked tirelessly to achieve clients’ objectives. The team have worked long hours and over weekends to overcome the challenges raised by this unprecedented situation, and to help our clients complete their move where possible. All offices at Norwich, Attleborough and London have received a record number of instructions in recent months. We have received positive feedback from our clients who appreciate that there have been many challenges for all of us.

A recent testimonial regarding our Conveyancing Executive Vikki Lambert is an example of the appreciation we received and the service we provide.

"Vikki went above and beyond, answering emails out of emails and when she was off work poorly. She always returned my calls promptly and never minded me calling, even when we both knew there was no update to discuss! She made a painful process more bearable. I look forward to returning to Rogers & Norton for any conveyancing needs I have in the future. You have a customer for life! "

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