Under 1's Wing - Mental Health Crisis Support

  • Image of Brendan, a support worker at the St Martin's Housing Trust
  • Image of Lucy, Head of Community Services at the St Martin's Housing Trust
James Bussey

Are you struggling with your mental health or do you know somebody who is?

In Norwich, the ST MARTINS HOUSING TRUST provides a place for people in mental health crisis to gain help and support. Known as Under 1’s Wing, it provides an alternative service to A&E or mainstream mental health providers.

People who visit the service come from all walks of life.

They are often the strong ones in their families - the people that everyone else relies upon. But one day these people might find themselves in an emotional space where they simply can’t cope.

Under 1’s Wing provides a safe place for people to go, to speak with someone about what’s going on or simply just to sit and have some quiet time. The service is run by a group of extraordinary people and there is also a mental health nurse on site.

So, please be aware that this service exists and pass it on to anyone who might need it:


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