This Valentine’s Day ensure your loved ones are provided for in your Will

Charlotte Ranson, Rogers and Norton

With Valentine’s Day approaching, thoughts are turning to the loved ones in our lives. Now more than ever is a good time to look ahead and ensure that those you care for will be provided for in later life.



The current pandemic is focusing minds on the future and leading many to review their affairs. The naïve assumption that your loved ones will be provided for simply because they are ‘your loved ones’ is not enough. If you die without leaving a valid Will in place, this is termed intestacy and these rules determine who inherits your assets. This is the law and you have no control over who inherits what.

Partnership and step-children

If you are not married and in a partnership without a Will, it could mean your partner is left with nothing as partners are not included under intestacy rules. This could leave them in a desperate financial situation making an already extremely difficult and emotional time even worse. Remember, too, that step-children are not included under intestacy rules and children you may regard ‘as your own’ may be left out from any inheritance to help secure their future.

Will Consultation and Instructions

During this third lockdown as key workers we are continuing to prepare Wills and maintain our high standards of service. Although no longer offering face-to-face meetings, we can take instructions for your Will over the phone or via video link. A draft will be sent to you by post or email for your approval. Once you are fully happy with the contents of the Will, arrangements can then be made for it to be signed.

We will be pleased to discuss the contents of your Will fully with you. Areas to cover include choice of Executors who will be responsible for carrying out the actions specified in your Will, any particular funeral wishes, guardianship issues, any gifts you wish to leave and who you wish to leave your main estate to.

We can also discuss including Trusts in your Wills such as Life Interest Trusts or Discretionary Trusts which may be beneficial for some.

Signing of Will

The Will can either be posted to you with instructions on how to witness it or we can arrange for the Will to be signed outside one of our offices or outside your home in accordance with Government Guidelines and in a Covid-secure manner if you’re unable to travel to our office and live locally. During the pandemic it has even been made legal to sign Wills via video link; however, caution must be taken with this method of signing and this should only be used as a last resort due to potential disputes and problems in the future.


Please contact us at our Norwich office on 01603 675645 or at our Attleborough office on 01953 458162 to discuss making a Will or up-dating an existing one.

Remember that making a Will is one of the most important things you can do for your loved ones to ensure peace of mind that they will be provided for financially.

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