Whole Venue Hire Case Study

The Space

Client: A National Young People’s Charity

The client was looking for a venue hire only option so that they could minimise their costs and mould the spaces to be how they wanted them for the day. They needed a large main area with an additional breakout spaces and wanted to offer free parking and be within a short distance from public transport especially Norwich Station.

The client was keen to have exclusive use of the venue to ensure young people were safe.

The Space's Venue Hire Solution:

  • We provided the client with the auditorium and use of the atrium on a venue hire only rate including a 25% discount for the charity.
  • Our flexible catering policy meant that the client was approved to allow delegates to bring in their own lunches to keep costs down.
  • The Auditorium was virtually emptied of chairs which meant the facilitators were able to make full use the space in the manner that their activities required.
  • The Atrium provided a light and airy alternative space to use during breaks.
  • They had peace of mind that the young people were not going to be lost in the venue with it’s simple layout.
  • Free parking was used and parents bringing their children were able to drop them at The Space without parking in the city centre or braving Saturday traffic. Attendees arriving at the station were able to make the short taxi ride and be at the space within 10 minutes.
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