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Sophie Lampert

Yessica recently achieved Distinction in her Business Administrator Apprenticeship, read what she thought about her apprenticeship

Yessica achieved top marks in her apprenticeship, completing 2 months ahead of schedule. She was awarded a grade of Distinction by the Independent End Point Assessment Organisation, DSW Consulting. We caught up with Yessica to find out what she thought of the apprenticeship.


Q: What did you find the most useful about the apprenticeship?

A: There were a lot of things that I found useful about the apprenticeship. I found it very useful to be able to work and learn at the same time. I think the most useful thing I found about the apprenticeship was the information, support, ability to learn about key areas and structure as a young person starting work at a new company with relatively little previous experience that it has provided me. It has also given me more confidence after having gone through topics in business administration that are essential to know about such as the impact external factors can have on an organisation. I found it useful that the course was split to cover three main elements which were knowledge, skills and behaviours. I thought the emphasis on knowledge, skills and behaviours was useful. I found it extremely useful covering the knowledge units and the skills and behaviour units were useful too. It made me more aware of the knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required in business administration. I found it useful to be able to practice and apply the key knowledge, skills and behaviours that I learned about and needed through my apprenticeship and they will also be valid in my role going forward.

I found it very useful to have monthly lessons with my tutor for support and advice which was really helpful. These were invaluable. I found it useful to have the assessments to cover the units and learn the knowledge elements but also practice and provide evidence for the skills and behaviour units. The assessment planner and SMART targets were useful to keep tabs on what tasks you should be doing and where you were up to with the help of your tutor. I thought uploading evidence was one of the most useful things. Although I liked the structure of the documents that we were given originally with the questions already laid out for each topic of the knowledge units, we had problems with them saving, so we moved to a different system where I had the freedom to create my own documents as long as they covered all the KSBs required for that unit. It was good to have that freedom and in some ways more useful to create a document that matched me and what I had learned rather than to fill in a ready made document. The Off the Job hours and recording system was useful so that I could look back on what I had done and learned.

It was good to assess how you had progressed and what you had learned and how you could progress further and apply what you had learned to your role. It was good to cover how to do reflective practice and learn how to write about something that's happened, how you found it, what you have learned from it and what you might do differently in the future. 


Q: What did you enjoy the most about the apprenticeship?

A: There were a lot of things that I enjoyed about the apprenticeship. The thing I enjoyed most about the apprenticeship was completing the knowledge units and learning about those different areas. I enjoyed being able to create documents and then upload them as evidence to meet the requirements for the apprenticeship. I really enjoyed learning about the organisation and other topics such as value of their skills, stakeholders, business fundamentals, processes, external environmental factors, IT, record and document production.

I enjoyed learning about generic things in the business administration BA modules and researching these online and then been able to see and apply the things that I had learned in real practice in the business. I also enjoyed being able to do stuff at work which then later I learned more about and explored further in the BA modules as part of the apprenticeship. I enjoyed being able to apply what I learned through the apprenticeship such as interpersonal skills and project management and later be able to apply this to my role. I enjoyed the session at the Skills Edge office itself with my tutor and two other apprentices. I thought that was fun and a nice change to do something like that.

I enjoyed the End Point Assessment. I enjoyed doing the knowledge test and practicing for that. I enjoyed completing my project report and project presentation. I also really enjoyed preparing for and having the professional discussion and answering the questions during the professional discussion with my assessor. I also enjoyed being able to manage a project and link the organisation to my apprenticeship. So that I could take the principles of project management and some of the things I had learned about project management and then apply it to a problem within the organisation. I enjoyed being able to work for a company and experience being in a professional working environment and also continuing to learn at the same time. I think it’s a great combination and something that I have really enjoyed. 


Congratulations Yessica - You have a bright future ahead of you!


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