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The Governments ‘Digital by Default’ Agenda.

Today, I would like to bring you the latest information we have on the Governments ‘Digital by Default’ agenda, which is going to make the way you submit your DBS checks increasingly old fashioned if you are still using paper applications. I thought you might be interested in the information I have gathered.

In December 2013 the Government released its digital strategy which affirmed its intention to digitise its services. This included driving licences, passports and DBS checks.

Why is this relevant?
The main driver behind the Governments ‘Digital by Default’ agenda is the anticipated reduction in costs resulting from moving services on-line. This has been widely welcomed as a means of saving money, even suggesting potential savings on printing and postage. It is therefore, no wonder that business is looking closely at how to follow the Governments example.

So, what has this got to do with DBS checks?
The Governments strategic plan anticipates that paper-based DBS applications will reduce substantially in number over the next few years. In truth, in recognition that some few people may still not have access to the World Wide Web, it is unlikely that paper applications will be phased out completely, over the next few years. However, the submission of DBS checks in hard-copy format is bound to continue to be slower, more expensive and less attractive to most, than the rapidly emerging electronic service now available.
The related high costs of postage, administration and staff time make paper DBS applications expensive. What I have found particularly staggering is that the average business which carries out around five hundred paper DBS checks per year, will be spending an estimated £6000 per annum, on the administration of paper forms.

So, what is the answer?
As a result of the Governments ‘Digital by Default’ agenda and the DBS Strategic Plan many in our sector are now moving from paper-based applications, to on-line applications. We, at Charity BackRoom have invested in an electronic platform built by Atlantic Data called ‘Disclosures Manager’, in order to offer access to a digital, on-line system which is increasingly becoming the DBS solution of choice, being faster, simpler and cheaper than out-moded paper-based applications.

About ‘Disclosures Manager’
‘Disclosure Manager’ securely and safely manages an individual’s data from the initial point of application, through a personalised on-line system, right through to receiving the results from the DBS Service. It creates the ability to apply for and manage your DBS applications from your own desktop. Over 100, 000 DBS checks per annum are currently being submitted on the system already.

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