Tips & Advice On Great Interview Success!

James Gooderham @ The Personnel People

Congratulations on getting to the interview stage!

Here is some advice from The Personnel People and a few tips on how to make your interview a success

First impressions count

    Unless advised otherwise it is best to wear business attire i.e. a shirt and tie or blouse and a dark business suit
    Make sure you are clean, smart, and well groomed
    Go easy on any make up,  perfume or aftershave and jewellery (this will only distract the interviewer)
    Wear something different to a 2nd Interview

Be prepared

If the interviewer can see that you have taken the time to prepare and find out information it demonstrates to them your ability to organise, plan, and think ahead.

Below are a few things you should try to find out before your interview.

    What is the history of the company?
    How many people do they employ?
    What is their mission/philosophy/turnover and profits?
    Are they part of a large group, do they own any other companies?
    Who are their competitors?

Your Recruitment Consultant at The Personnel People will help you to answer these questions although it is always a good idea to find out if the company has their own website and have a look on there for any extra information.

Getting to your Interview

    Make sure you know exactly where you are going
    Allow plenty of time to get there just in case you are delayed
    Aim to arrive at least ten minutes before your interview is due to start, you don’t want to be rushing in late and appearing flustered when you get there

What to take with you

    A Copy of your CV
    Any relevant certificates
    Copies of any references

It is best to carry this information in a smart and tidy folder as it shows you are organised and it looks presentable.
In the interview

    When you meet the interviewer shake their hand confidently
    Be polite
    Stay calm, don’t fidget or twiddle your thumbs
    Never eat or smoke during the interview, accepting a drink if you are offered is fine
    Be honest and be yourself
    Don’t try to answer a question you don’t understand, ask for clarification first
    Speak clearly and use positive words such as enjoy, motivated, and enthusiastic
    Try to maintain eye contact with your interviewer and smile, this shows confidence
    And remember that sometimes the interviewer can be just as nervous as you are

Common interview questions 

Below we have listed a few questions that are often asked during interviews, it is a good idea to have some answers prepared for these questions just in case.

    Why do you want this job?
    What do you know about our company?
    What qualifications or experience do you have that would make you successful in our company?
    What would you say your strengths are? (try to think of 3 or 4 before your interview)
    Do you have any weaknesses?
    Which of your previous jobs have you enjoyed the most? the least? and why?
    Why did you leave your previous job?
    What are your career goals, where do you see yourself in five years time?
    Why should we employ you?
    How would you describe yourself?
    How do you think other people would describe you?
    What is most important to you in your job?

Questions to ask the interviewer

At the end of an interview you will usually be asked if you have any questions, below is a list of a few good questions you may wish to ask.

    Why has this job become available?
    If I was successful who would I report to?
    What opportunities are there for training?
    Are there many opportunities for promotion?
    What is the next stage of the interview process? When will you be making a final decision?
    What is the salary and or benefits? (you may wish to clarify this if you are unsure)

On Leaving the Interview

After the interview is finished it is important to leave a good final impression so before you leave remember to do the following.

    Shake hands (firmly)
    Smile and thank them for seeing you
    Tell them you are very interested and you look forward to hearing from them

And Finally Good luck!

If you you are seeking work or need to recruit for your business, please don`t hesitate to contact us 01603 76 76 70 or find us at

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