You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

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I read an interesting article the other day from Forbes on the recent research done by Gallup:

From this research, Gallup concluded that women are better managers than men. Let me just say this again!! The research shows that women are better managers than men. Admittedly I do have a smile on my face, as I type this.

If you read no further, please print this and take it to your Senior Management, who I am sure will file it in file 13………… But at least you can roll out this ‘factual’ piece of evidence when male managers are criticising your approach.

Now who are we to argue with this research, if, after all they have surveyed 2,500 US Managers. Well obviously cultural differences play a part, as well as gender, but then so do a number of other factors.

The research is quite specific about key areas women are better at managing; employee development, Communication & feedback and employee recognition.

Surely it therefore stands that as the research indicates, women are more emotionally intelligent, and as Gallup concludes: “If female managers, on average, are more engaged than male managers, it stands to reason that they are likely to contribute more to their organization’s current and future success.”

Research after research shows the economic argument for having a diverse workforce, and I don’t just mean gender; I mean religion, sexual orientation, age…..the list goes on!! I come back to an ongoing point I feel strongly about. People should get appointed, developed and promoted based on competence.

The organisational needs to determine what that competence is, but it should be the application of knowledge, experience and skills, as a rounded combination.

So, what happens now with the findings of this research? Well, forward thinking companies that want to grow, develop and improve, will think about how they can review their current practices, make them better and encourage a diverse workforce, by trying to be an employer of choice.

For the rest of them, well………….you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…..but we will still try!!


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