Case Study: Chatsbrook Help Local Fisherman To Live His Dream

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Case Study: Chatsbrook Help Local Fisherman To Live His Dream

Sometimes you can go years with the intention of investing in your dreams, but something like needing a new car, roof or having to pay for a wedding may grab the attention of your purse strings instead. This is what happened to Simon Bywater.

Since 1984, Simon and his brothers have run a successful, independent fishing business. From listening to Simon speak about his experience with his brothers, you are able to get a clear understanding of how tight-knit they are. The most beautiful aspect that he relayed was how much they share. Not only do they share an enormous amount of time together, but they each share facilities, knowledge AND their own catches if one doesn’t have enough to fulfil an order.

This is why it is important to Chatsbrook to continue to support and protect local, family run businesses.

Although Simon has always enjoyed working with his brothers, he yearned for his own boat and to work his own pots. Being a supportive family, Simon’s brother Peter agreed to sell his boat to Simon. After waiting almost a year and having to decline offers in the interim, last week the funds were transferred to Simon so that he could finally purchase his brothers boat!

However, Simon’s journey to finance wasn’t easy.

Back in October last year Simon set out to obtain finance for a boat, a shellfish licence and an outboard. He approached many brokers, but lenders were reluctant to provide finance for the assets he desired. After months of getting nowhere and starting to feel disillusioned, Adrian Brooks of Chatsbrook Vehicle & Asset Finance was finally recommended to him.

“ I got referred to Adrian and from the offset I trusted him and felt like I was being taken seriously. He really got to understand the nature of the business which is what helped to secure the finance. I knew that securing finance may prove to be tricky, so I gave him the freedom to secure finance in whatever way he saw fit and that was a commercial loan!”

Instead of paying three lots of interest rates on three separate assets, Adrian knew that a commercial loan would be the best fit for Simon WHILST saving him money!

“ I’ve had finance in the past for a couple of vehicles and the process has always been easy. But with Adrian, the service is so much more personal. He kept in touch during every stage, he was very clear about the process which gave me confidence. He stuck to his every word and that is very rare nowadays.” 

“ I felt like he was dealing with a friend. I hope to remain good friends after this. I’ve even invited him for a trip on my boat!”

Chatsbrook have a reputation for running our business with integrity and morality. With patience and determination we promise to do all that we can for all of our clients. Whether that be providing a simple service, advising businesses on their finances or sourcing a vehicle, supporting our clients and improving their quality of life is what drives us.

If you, yourself, have also felt disillusioned like Simon, break the cycle and begin the rest of your life today. Our incredible team are on hand to help you on 01603 733500 or

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