Can sit standing desks help reduce back pain?

Millions of working days are lost every year due to workers suffering with back pain and many experts put this down to our increasing sedentary lifestyle. Indeed, statistics issued by the UK Statistics Authority show an increase in the number of sick days taken because of this chronic condition. In 2013 7.7 million days were lost to back pain, this figure rose to 9.96 million in 2014.

Office workers can spend 65-75% of their time at work sitting down – a recipe for an increase in back pain.

How can sit standing desks help reduce back pain?

Many people are unaware that sitting in the same position for long periods of time can be harmful. Prolonged sitting increases the pressure on your discs which results in increased disc wear and eventually pain. You’ve probably noticed that the longer you sit the more uncomfortable you become in your neck, upper and lower back.
One of the main remedies experts recommend is to take frequent breaks from sitting down. Regular movement can be beneficial by relieving the pressure on your lower back. Standing up can help decrease the stress on your spine. The recommendation is that if you work at a desk you should spend a minimum of two hours on your feet.
With a Flomotion height-adjustable sit-stand desk you can adjust your desk in seconds at the touch of a button. Leaving you free to switch between sitting and standing easily and quickly.
Sit stand working can improve your health, well-being and work engagement.
It can improve muscle tone and posture.

Flomotion can help you discover the power of movement, increase productivity and concentration, improve your health and well-being and reduce healthcare costs.

“The problems I suffer with my back are the result of an old skate boarding injury, it’s really improved since using the Flomotion sit-stand desk.”

Daniel Crawford – Type&Numbers

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