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Paul Griffin, Norvic Training (UK) Ltd

As part of our Moving and Handling courses we have included some simple strength exercises which can easily be done at home and require minimal equipment. These exercises will help improve the strength of your muscles and when coupled with safe lifting techniques will make the physical side of moving and handling tasks easier.
Department of Health Guidelines state that adults need to do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity each week in order to stay healthy. That means getting your heart rate up, and maybe working up a light sweat, for two and a half hours a week. (Change for life campaign, 2012). This can be broken down into smaller sessions over the course of the week of no less than 10minutes at a time. Although, additional benefits can be gained through regular participation in activity that is more vigorous and is of longer duration.
Ideally, exercise should comprise of both cardio vascular exercise, such as brisk walking / jogging, cycling or swimming and strength training, such as press ups and squats to improve the strength of the muscle being worked, this is what we are concentrating on. Specific benefits linked to strength training include:

  • Increase functional ability and functional strength
  • Improve posture, therefore balance and co-ordination
  • Reduced back pain and stress on the back
  • Increase bone density
  • Health benefits – including lower blood pressure, weight loss
  • Not all benefits are physical, other benefits can be psychological and social, for example reduced stress

Theexercises presented on our website are simple strength exercises. Initially look to complete each exercise 10 times and increase the number of repetitions (number of times you perform each exercise) and sets (number of times you complete the entire program) as you become stronger.

Before commencing any new exercise regime you should consult with your GP or health and fitness professional. If you have any questions on the technique or form of these exercises please do not hesitate to contact Norvic and ask for Paul.

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