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Emma Outten

My lockdown start-up, Folk Features, is one month old. I launched the 'good news' website for Norfolk and Suffolk on September 1 and during the past 30 days have published an uplifting story each and every day.

What do I consider to be uplifting? For me, there's something inherently positive about new eco-friendly start-up stories. Quite frankly, if you're starting a new business, why wouldn't you give a nod (if not a full-on headbang) to eco-friendly credentials? It would be rude - to the planet - not to.

So step forward Norfolk Chambers of Commerce member, Goodery. Founder John Ellison was the subject of one of my September stories, and although lockdown affected him in every conceivable way possible, including spiritually, the tech start-up entrepreneur managed, with a strong team around him, to get the online grocery store up and running early on in April, just when we were all scrambling around for essential boxes to be delivered to our homes. A case of perfect timing.

For me, uplift can also come from reading how individuals have pivoted in the pandemic towards the health and wellness sector, having retrained and learnt a new skill, for their own wellbeing, as much as anyone else’s.

This month I can think of at least one member on here who I've got my eye on to feature. Given that my feature categories include ‘eco-friendly folk’ and ‘feelgood folk’, can you guess who that member might be?

Folk Features is an ad-free site. It has a donate box and, between you and me, I would love for a sponsor, or two, to come on board...

It also has a subscribe box. For a weekly round-up of positivity in this part of the region, please feel free to join the growing list of like-minded folk who have subscribed during my first month:





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