Sit standing desks help promote movement and active working

Floyd Sayers, Flomotion

Amazingly quick and easy office exercises... lets get moving!

In years to come, we may well look back at the way we have worked for the last 150/200 years and describe the chair/desk set up as an instrument of torture, designed to inflict as much pain, discomfort and lasting damage on the world’s office population as possible!

Our addiction to sitting for long periods of time is responsible for a number of serious health issues surrounding our sedentary working lifestyle. With recent research linking high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes to prolonged sitting. Add into that equation increasing problems with our posture including chronic neck and back problems and a depressing picture begins to emerge.

We are forcing our bodies into a lifetime of sitting with a hunched over, neck craned posture, it was never designed for. Throughout our 100,000 plus years of evolution we walked, ran, climbed, squatted, crawled, swam….we moved!

So what’s the answer? A revolution in the workplace is needed

A sit, stand and move approach – incorporating simple movement focused exercises that get your heart rate up, simple breathing exercises that get oxygen pumping around your system and a stretching and mindfulness program that makes you re-engage with what’s happening with your body.

Workplace exercise for the office environment

In this blog we’re concentrating on some of our favourite pieces of equipment, they should help you to get motivated and moving more in the workplace, add a bit of fun and variety into your routine. We’re not experts, but we’ve found everything here has something to offer and is great for a quick office workout. The attached jpegs show Bev and I going through some of our simple routines.

The equipment is easily purchased online and links are attached for further information.

1. Wobble Board
2. Resistance Band
3. Balance Pad
4. Balance Ball

The benefits to your overall health and wellbeing can be truly life changing over the long term and include –

* Increased energy and focus, improves productivity.
* Better muscle tone and posture, increasing the feeling of wellbeing.
* Less fatigue and tension, better equipped to deal with stressful situations
* Improved moods and levels of happiness.

If you spend all day sitting:-

1. Take a microbreak every 30 minutes, change your position and stand, move, go for a walk around the office, or even better do some stretches.

2. We recommend 3 minutes of exercise every hour, mix up what you do using some of the equipment shown, the idea is to increase your heart rate!

3. Keep hydrated, drink plenty of water.

4. Take a proper lunch break, go out for a walk.

5. Try and aim for at least an hour of exercise a day, this includes walking.

Using a sit-stand desk

If you’re already a fan of sit-stand working you’ll be aware of the many benefits including burning extra calories. A height-adjustable desk makes it a lot easier to move, stretch and exercise from a standing position.

Try these exercises out at work and tell us what you think! Get your co-workers involved and – Discover the power of movement!

All the above equipment is easily purchased online.

See the full images here:

Do you need help to get moving? Flomotion can help, our height-adjustable desk are the perfect solution. Book your free trail online or call us now on 01603 490054.

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