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Have you ever been faced with the daunting task of buying flowers for your significant other? Chances are that you were and that you took a long time making the final decision. It does seem rough, standing in flower shop and looking at all those flowers displayed in front of you while you try to remember your girlfriend’s favorite colour. It is not as easy as entering the first flower shop and getting the first bouquet of flowers you see. The process is much deeper than that. There are all kinds of things to consider and sometimes the ultimate decision you make will end up shaping the future of your relationship.

Miriam Watts, from Handy Flowers, says that their flower shop has flowers for all kinds of occasions and that if you are not sure which one is the best one for your significant other, the staff is there to provide help. Nevertheless, if you are facing this decision alone, here are some tips on how to buy a perfect flower for a British woman.

What’s The Occasion?

One of the first things that you have to determine is the reason you are buying flowers. Guys buy flowers for various kinds of occasions whether it is romantic or simply as a way to put a smile on her face. Romantic occasions demand more romantic flowers. This means roses or flowers with intense colors or hues. But if you are buying something for a birthday or an anniversary you can tone things down by using flowers which do not have such lush colors.

When to Give her Flowers?

Now when you got the occasion out of the way you need to determine the time. If you are trying to surprise her than any time is okay, but if you are going on a first date you might consider opening with that. A first date is a great occasion for giving a girl some flowers and if you do it immediately it will explain to her your intentions deeper and also make the evening run smoother.

On the other hand, a birthday or anniversary flowers should be a surprise. If you have organised something for your special girl you should include the flowers as part of the surprise. Try being flamboyant and show her that she really means to you.

What Colours Should I Choose?

This is something that goes beyond simply knowing her favorite flower. Certain flowers only come in certain hues and colors also express the meaning of the flower. Warmer colors express deeper feelings while subdued flowers can evoke calmness.

You need to consider the occasion first and the reason why you are giving flowers to a girl. That way you will know which color suits the situation the most. Don’t just go immediately for red roses, there are many other colors that can express your feelings. Flower clerks are usually professionals so they can help you but it is much more fulfilling if you do the research yourself. Here Are Some Examples of Specific Type of Women and Flowers that match:

  • White Lilies for elegant women.
  • Pink Orchids for a modern girl.
  • Daisies for a dynamic woman.
  • A Mixed bouquet as something for anyone.

If you know your girl than these are some prime examples that can help you determine which way to go. Sometimes it can be as easy as that but on most occasions, it’s not. However, mixing things up a bit and choosing a whole bunch of flowers, in the end, might also be a good idea. Chances are that if a girl likes you she will most certainly like whatever flowers you give her. However, just to be on the safe side, try putting in a bit of effort and make your girl happy.

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