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Dr Bim Sawhney, Riverside Dental

Tooth Whitening: FAQs

“A whiter smile can make you look younger and increase your confidence”

Does It Work?
Studies have shown that for “normal” teeth 98% of patients are satisfied with the results!

How white will my teeth go?
The average is 8 shades lighter (on a dental shade guide). At Riverside Dental we take before and after pictures.

How long will it last?
Will look at its best for around 2-3 years depending on your diet and lifestyle (tea, coffee, red wine etc). At Riverside Dental we recommend “topping” up your whitening 2-3 times per month

Does it damage the teeth?
3 weeks home whitening does the same damage to enamel as drinking 1 can of coke. Here at Riverside Dental we will assess your teeth to ensure it safe to whiten them as there are a few contra-indications (pregnancy, decay etc).

Will my teeth get sensitive?
Around 50% of patients experience some sensitivity but this usually eases after around 2 weeks. Rarely does sensitivity lead to cessation of whitening.

Do I have to avoid eating coloured foods?
Some whitening companies suggest this while whitening your teeth but there is no scientific proof.

Will my fillings & crowns whiten?
Only natural teeth will whiten and some of your fillings and/or crowns may need to be replaced after

How fast will my teeth whiten?
Maximum whitening is achieved after around 3-6 weeks night time whitening. The half of your teeth furthest away from your gum will whiten first then the rest will “catch up”.

Will stronger gel make my teeth whiter?
No! They may whiten quicker but the sensitivity is much more and you may not finish the course as a result.

Can I buy a cheaper kit from a shop?
The gel we use at Riverside Dental is like a prescription medicine and therefore cannot be on general sale. Supermarket gels will not be effective.

Can I buy gel off the internet?
Try and avoid this as fake gels are on the increase. At best they will do nothing, at worst they can be very acidic and cause a lot of damage to the teeth and gums.

Where can I get more information?
Ask one of the team at Riverside Dental or follow our blog

For detailed information about Treatment Options for Discoloured Teeth visit our blog at:

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