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Jon Blake

For over 5 years, Abate Pest Management has been servicing Bretts Transport’s 170,000ft2 ambient warehouse at its Guyhirn Distribution Centre in Cambridgeshire. Simon Brett, Managing Director has praised Abate for the services that they carry out to the required BRC requirement. He then asked if he could have some help at his private residence.

Simon has had an issue with birds at his house for some time. Pigeons were roosting at various places and depositing pigeon guano over window ledges, brickwork and onto the drive. He had tried several different methods to resolve the situation but didn’t have much success.

We advised that bird gel would be a great solution. Gel systems are a physical barrier to discourage birds from landing on buildings. The gel is applied to ledges and ridges in small pots. To the birds, the gel distorts their landing patterns and this discourages them from perching. It was later found that a gel solution had been tried before but not installed correctly making it ineffective.

We also recommended a spike system for a certain area of the property which consisted of strips of plastic spikes that again provide a physical barrier preventing birds from landing. They are a cost effective and adaptable solution that can be used on a wide range of buildings.

We cleaned down by soaking the affected areas with water and an anti-bacterial agent to prevent the creation of dust whilst cleaning all the guano. Our technicians then applied the gel and spike solutions throughout the necessary areas of the property.

Simon said, “It was like magic.  The birds instantly disappeared and haven’t been seen since the work was carried out”. 

Jon Blake of Abate said “Bird control isn’t just for commercial buildings. At Abate we create a bespoke solution for the type of bird problem and the property concerned. There are several solutions that we use to eradicate bird problems. Every property is different.  We conduct a detailed survey to identify the best solution to use which may be based upon the age of the property; if it is listed and where the bird problems are taking place. To see all of the different proofing solutions, check out the bird control page on our website.”

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