Case Studies: Criterion Theatre

Little Green Button

The Team

The Criterion Theatre is one of London’s premiere West End Theatres found at the heart of the capital. With seating capacity for over 500 guests each performance, the venue caters for a huge volume of visitors each day.

The Challenge

Due to the high volume of visitors and the complex layout of the venue, staff needed a quick method of calling for support and alerting the network to an incident – even when internet or phone signal may be an issue. A potential terrorism incident in the heart of London caused a influx of members of the public seeking shelter in the building. Front line staff needed a panic alarm solution to immediately notify the network in case of future events.

The Success

Little Green Button has been implemented quickly and easily, fulfilling the theatres dedication to staff and visitor safety. Deployed discreetly on devices across the network, the team can call for assistance or raise an alert regardless of mobile signal or internet availability.


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