Commercial projects involving the use of drone technology.

  • Roof and chimney inspections
  • Norwich Cathedral
  • Roof inspection
  • Roof capping tiles inspection
  • Roof valley inspection
Graeme Taplin

Drone technology is increasingly being engaged to assist with a wide range of commercial situations. Time and cost effective applications are being established across the fields of surveying, construction, film making, media and name just a few.

Building and roofing asset inspections is an interesting area of growth for the use of drones. A good example over the past year was our inspection of buildings within the Norwich Cathedral Close, under the direction of Norwich based surveying firm North and Hawkins. Our brief was to capture photographic data of 'The Close' property roofs and chimneys, gutterings and valleys. As many as 15 properties were inspected and photographed by drone over a day, a task that would have taken several days by conventional methods, thus eliminating the need for climbing ladders or hiring in elevated platforms. The drone operation provided a safe, time effective alternative and the resulting data can be edited and transferred to a client within 24-48 hours.

Operator and public safety is paramount for all drone operations, additional consideration had to be given to 'The Close' property inspections. Norwich Cathedral is home to a group of peregrine falcons, so any operation has to be conducted out of nesting season and the drone kept well away from the Cathedral itself.

At Drone Photography Ltd we provide a wide range of commercial aerial photography and video services. The accompanying video is a snapshot collection of commercial projects that was captured in high quality 4K video and up to 20mp stills. Operating our versatile range of DJI craft including: the Inspire 1 pro with X5 camera, Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic Pro and Phantom 3 Pro drones. Video clips and photographs were captured across a wide range of interesting projects, at a variety of locations. All captured aerial video, photography and Adobe Premiere Pro editing by Graeme Taplin at Drone Photography Ltd.

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