Compliance at Monthind Clean LLP

Lois Biggs

As a company that frequently operates in potentially hazardous environments, it is understandable that at Monthind we place health and safety at the centre of all our operations. The health and well-being of our cleaning operatives, staff members, clients and the general public is a top priority, which is why we spend so much time, effort and money each year on ensuring our health and safety standards are second to none.

Site-specific risk assessments are drawn up before a contract begins, which inform the training our staff receive and ensure full compliance with both our own stringent health and safety policy and all applicable legislation. COSHH assessments are also carried out, along with any other assessments that address additional risks particular to a given contract.

Outside specific contracts, we pride ourselves on delivering on-going training to our staff in the form of internal and external group training sessions, toolbox talks and newsletters. Our team members possess a range of high-level safety certifications, giving us a depth of knowledge and expertise that underpins the trust our clients have in us.

Additionally, independent audits are carried out by our Business Compliance Department at all our sites, which assess cleaning operation, site health and safety, training requirements and cleaning standards. Audit reports are then passed to you, our client, to assist in the smooth running of all your cleaning operations.


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