Get ready to reopen with our new Covid Management range

  • Visual of Covid Management Products in Receptions Area
  • Covid Safety Graphics & Signage - Image Display & Graphics
  • Branded Hand Sanitiser Unit - Image Display & Graphics
  • Branded Full Height Screen with Window- Image Display & Graphics
  • Branded Free Standing Reception Screen with Window- Image Display & Graphics
  • Graphic Dividing Screen with Art print - Image Display & Graphics
  • Reception Desk Screen with Window- Image Display & Graphics
Alex Cosham, Image Display & Graphics

As we plan our return to work, it's likely we will all need to adjust in order to recover as quickly and safely as possible. To support businesses in this effort, we have developed a range of Covid Mangament products including linkable office screens, sanitiser stations, graphics and information displays.


All our products are manufactured in-house at our UK factory, ensuing extraordinary service, high quality and quick turnaround for every client, reliably supporting your business reopening & recovering. 


Our advice remains the same when considering these products:


- Only buy when you absolutely NEED to, there are several DIY options you can employ & our advice is free!


- Double check your sources, many companies may not be legitmate and several scams have been flagged. Make sure your supplier is a registered business you can trust.


- Consider lead times. Even if you are told you can get hold of the equipment or products, this may be subject to very long lead times in some cases.


- Quality over quantity. In reality, none of us need any further stress or expense as we recover from the impacts of Covid and lockdown. So if you do have a need to buy any products to help you reopen, make sure you buy only what you need and that these are fit for purpose. Cheaper products or inferior materials will likely result in breakage or a poor product that is there for safety after all, so consider this in your purchase. 


You can explore our own range of Covid Management products here

All are manufactured here in our Norwich based factory and can be adapted on request to suit your needs. All are supplied with graphcis customised to suit your brand and purpose. If you have any questions or needs, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are commited to delivering our extrordinary service in these extraordinary times, with any recovery needing all of us to pull together collectively for the benefit of all. 


We wish you every success as reopening, recovery and relief comes to so many businesses in need. 

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