Self-Storage Facilities and the hidden fire risk

Steve Dilloway, Veritas Fire Support Services

In recent weeks there have been 2 major fires reported on both BBC and social media platforms where there has been not only a total loss of the building and its contents but also a significant risk to the fire firefighters in attempting to control a blaze without really knowing what was inside.

Surely, we are now at a point where the growth of these 24/7 sites across the UK needs some control both in terms of full disclosure of what is being stored (not withstanding the usual disclaimers used which are pretty much worthless) and, a more specific approach to the type and level of fire alarm and detection systems used.

Without overplaying the sprinkler issue here, the fact is that some of those using these sites are storing more than just residential overspill and as such the risk of fire and fire spread within these facilities is far higher than may have been appreciated, plus the fact that little if any housekeeping or checking on what is locked behind a metal door is done by those running the facility makes for a very high risk situation.

When also considered around the fact that some of these sites are close to or adjacent residential areas it will not be long before a fire has serious consequential issues.

There have already been issues where from one fire those using the facility were told of gaps in the providers insurance cover so in almost all cases everything was lost so a significant financial cost to those involved.

The need for a more thorough appraisal of both risk and protection is surely overdue.

If you operate a storage facility and would like a confidential discussion on how best to protect your business, then please feel free to get in touch for a no obligation conversation.

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