The Top Ten Festive Health and Safety Myths

Sarah Daniels The RedCat Partnership Ltd

Christmas is a special time of year.
Even so, it doesn't stop health and safety being – wrongly – cited as a reason for preventing pretty harmless activities from going ahead.

Not only does this needlessly ruin the festive spirit but it also trivialises the true purpose of health and safety: protecting people from real risks at, or connected with, work

There are more than a few old chestnuts in this list, which has been compiled by HSE from media reports and correspondence received.

1. Children being banned from having snowball fights
2. Office workers told they can't put decorations up
3. Panto performers ordered not to throw sweets into the audience
4. Being sued for clearing snow from outside your business or home
5. Preventing people from putting coins in traditional Christmas puddings
6. Seats being removed from shops – despite weary Christmas shoppers wanting to rest their feet
7. Traditional shopping centre Christmas trees being scaled back or replaced by artificial alternatives
8. Christmas lights needing electrical (portable appliance testing) PAT tests every year
9. Santa being ordered to buckle up on his sleigh
10. Carol singers being classed as a health and safety risk (well i guess this one depends on how good the singing is)

With everything it is about risk management- putting sensible controls in place!
Unfortunately common sense is not all that common- and in these festive times we can forget simple precautions

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