What you need to know to get your Forklift Licence

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Obtaining your forklift licence is the ultimate aim for you if you are looking to further your career within this industry. It is the mark of someone who can not only drive a forklift but drive it securely, efficiently and in a professional manner.

At Shield Health & Safety we offer a complete beginners forklift course for those with no knowledge or experience of driving a forklift whatsoever, to help you I am going to share a few tips on how to go about obtaining your forklift licence.

The Importance of your Forklift Licence

Before you even begin the training it is good to get an understanding of the importance of having professional training to get your forklift certificate and how this is valued by an employer or company.

A forklift operator is an important cog in a company`s wheel, employers like to feel confident that their forklift operators are not only qualified but skilled and confident in their own ability too. At the end of the day if you have an accident you will not only be damaging the company`s equipment or products but also their reputation too. Of course, there is also the risk of injury to yourself and others and even the possibility of the loss of life.

Therefore it is important to understand the importance of how you gain your forklift licence and with the correct training will give you the ability, skill and confidence to further your career.

It is not easy!

Be under no illusion, gaining your forklift licence is not easy, even with the best training in the world!

The preparation and the exam itself are both difficult and require full concentration from you as well as 100% commitment. With these two factors in your mindset you will be giving yourself the best possible chance of passing your examination with flying colours.

Our training instructors are there to help you and will try to ease you through the course and take on and overcome any challenges and obstacles you may have or face, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to help you pass your examination, but of course you will still need that concentration and commitment!

The training itself

What your training will cover is very important and through the level of expertise and understanding of our trainers we aim to make the training an easier and enjoyable experience.

The main areas that we focus on are:

1.    Safety – It goes without saying, forklift safety is paramount, they can be dangerous tools in a working environment and can potentially injure or even kill somebody. Our experienced trainers will enable you to learn all the health and safety aspects and regulations from the very beginning.

2.    The Basics – Learning how to use the basic controls of the forklift and how to carry out all the basic manoeuvres and functions is obviously an important factor in passing your training. Our experienced trainers will not only show you the basics but also pass on various tips and tricks to enable you to get the very best out of your training.

3.    Efficiency – The third step is putting all of these factors together, put them into practice to help you become quicker and more efficient in the use of a forklift while at the same time remaining safe at all times. You will be expected to complete all the basic tasks in a timely, efficient and safe manner.

These 3 steps are taught by our trainers, all of whom are ex-forklift drivers, and their ability and experience will show you just what a future employer will expect from you from day one.

At Shield we not only train you for your examination but we prepare you for your future and a role in the workplace.

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