Don't Tear My House Apart!

Kris Gamble, Customised

Who doesn’t want smart home features in their houses nowadays? UK homeowners are spending more and more every year on technology for their homes. The use of home technology is now a proven method for saving energy in your home, making your home more secure and providing greater entertainment in our living spaces.

Recent home technology purchases by homeowners are generally given the term DIY or self installed devices. Smart thermostats, wireless cameras and wi-fi boosters are common purchases. They tend to give you an introduction to smart home living or provide a sticking plaster over an issue in your home.  DIY products are attractive because they are easy to buy off the shelf, don’t require professional help and are usually paired with an easy to use app. However, with the continuing purchases of DIY devices, your smartphone or tablet becomes littered with home control apps and you start to notice that devices don't communicate with each other as you had hoped or were promised.

One of the main factors that forces homeowners to seek out DIY products is that they don't want to install new cables or mess around with the existing electrical, television or telephone cabling in their homes. It’s hard to argue against this; who wants the disruption of trying to get new cables into the fabric of the building or trying to work out how to utilise the existing wires in the home?

Unfortunately in a lot of cases the homeowner will get frustrated with this scenario and revert back to multiple apps and more sticking plasters. Instead they should seek out their local Home Technology Professional. Customised offer a choice of systems that will control and manage your home.  These systems can be installed with minimal or no wiring, and one app to control your whole home.  We have solutions that stop the temporary fixes and have the flexibility and expandability to add new technology when it appears; something new is always on the horizon.

Our first choice system for the retrofit smart home is Crestron Pyng.  Pyng is a system that starts from the app.  The app is used for all the setup and configuration.  At the heart of a Pyng system is the Pyng Hub; it securely communicates with wireless light switches, thermostats, door locks, alarm systems, motorised blinds, audio systems and CCTV cameras. All your home services are under control from the Pyng app or from conveniently installed keypads and touch screens.

Crestron Pyng puts the homeowner in charge of they're lighting, heating, entertainment and security. New scenes, lighting timers and adjustments to the heating schedule can be done easily via the app, and the homeowner can control their home while they are away from the property.

Pyng is a system that merges professionally installed home technology and powerful, elegant home automation. But most importantly it’s an option for homeowners that will not see their home pulled apart to install the smart features and will make their home more secure, efficient and comfortable.

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