Is Google Set to Transform Your Industry?

Oliver Pearson

If you dig deep enough on the Google company website, you’ll discover a page titled ‘Philosophy’. Comprised of ten key points, the page outlines the rules that guide the search engine.The number one rule - their first commandment, if you like - is “focus on the user and all else will follow”. The Internet, Google believes, should serve the people. If someone searches for “holiday homes in Devon”, they should be able to book this type of accommodation with just a few clicks. This all makes perfect sense and seems entirely reasonable, but it also explains something a little more concerning. Specifically, it explains why Google is beginning to transform a number of industries.  

Let’s return to the example of someone searching for a holiday home in Devon. Traditionally, the search engine would return a list of websites offering cottages and hotels in the leafy English county. It was a perfectly straightforward time.Things have changed a bit recently, though. Whilst a range of relevant websites still appear in the search results, a tool has also been introduced to help compare the range of hotels on offer.  

This comparison tool is part of ‘Reserve with Google’, a new product from the search giant which promises to make life a little easier. Indeed, ‘Reserve with Google’ allows users to book hair appointments, make dinner reservations, and select hotels straight from the search results page. Ultimately, this will begin to transform industries as Google becomes something of a booking agent through which users make their appointments or reservations. No longer will we need to compare products and prices when Google performs all of the legwork for us.

Of course, Google isn’t going to completely change the course of every industry. Take our client Aylsham Roofing Services, for example. As roofers in Norwich, they can probably sleep easy in the knowledge that the search engine isn’t going to disrupt the way they do things. No, we’re still a few years from users being able to repair their roofs simply by visiting a search engine.

Instead, users still need to be taken to a website that provides them with a way of contacting the best local repair company. For this reason, it’s crucial that such businesses keep an eye on their SEO and PPC efforts to ensure that they remain visible and competitive in Google search results. If you’re looking to improve the way your business performs online, feel free to get in touch with the team at Nu Image today.

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